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Midway Little League 1969-2019. Celebrating 50 Years of Little League Sports


2018-2019 Midway Little League Board
Executive Members: Office: Email Address:
Dewayne Romine President [email protected]

Past President
Jeff Kilgore Executive Vice President [email protected]
Blake Willis Treasurer [email protected]

Jon Dulus Vice President of Operations [email protected]
Josh Jurgensen Vice President of Baseball [email protected]
Bryan Harrison Vice President of Softball [email protected]
Michael Hillman Vice President of Facilities [email protected]
Jeremy McCarver Vice President of Information Technology [email protected]
Mike Becker Vice President of Equipment [email protected]
Mark Wood Vice President of Security [email protected]
Ryan Johnson Vice President of General Counsel [email protected]
Brad Gilliam Vice President of Safety [email protected]
Todd Ivy Vice President of Uniforms [email protected]
Greg Hammermeister Commissioner of 11-12 yr old Baseball [email protected]
Rob Carter Commissioner of 10-12 yr old Softball [email protected]
Scott Yocham Commissioner of 10 yr old Baseball [email protected]
Jeff Hamilton Commissioner of 8-10 and CP Softball [email protected]
Michael Hillman Commissioner of 8-9 yr old Baseball [email protected]
Debra Tumlin Player Agent- Baseball [email protected]
**Non- Voting Executive Members:
Paul Wommack Commissioner of Tee Ball [email protected]
Gary Robken Commissioner of Coach Pitch Baseball [email protected]
Julia Jurgensen Player Agent-Softball [email protected]
Daniel Guerra VP Sponsorhips
[email protected]

At-Large Members:
Danny Alexander at large [email protected]
Paul Beseda at large [email protected]
Tom Bradley at large [email protected]
Chris Bullajian at large [email protected]
Lee Collier at large [email protected]
Clay Corley at large  [email protected]
Jeff Hamilton at large [email protected]
Joseph Hensley at large [email protected]
Dan Jackson at large [email protected]
Kevin Kirk at large [email protected]
Brent McFarling at large [email protected]
Sandy Morris at large [email protected]
Taylor Paceley at large [email protected]
Corey Pick at large [email protected]
Rory Ryan at large  [email protected]
Steve Weaver at large [email protected]
Jerry Williams at large [email protected]
Brad Wilson at large [email protected]