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Honoring Our Past and Securing Our Future Capital Campaign


Dear Friends and Family and Midway Little League Stakeholders,

I am excited to be the Chairman for the new Midway Little League Capital Campaign.  I am proud to have the opportunity to help build a lasting contribution to Central Texas's youth through Midway Little League and this campaign.  
This Campaign entitled "Honoring Our Past and Securing Our Future" consists of three phases.  They are:
  • Phase 1 - Two New Fields at the Granger Hewitt Complex
  • Phase 2 - Various Facility Improvements including new/refurbished batting cages, covers for all bleachers, a large general pavilion at each complex as well as miscellaneous other improvements
  • Phase 3 - A new unique feature honoring the past success and contributions of key individuals in both softball and baseball
At our Board or Directors meeting we voted to approve fundraising and to begin construction of phase one of our campaign.  Midway ISD has graciously given approval and we are excited to have the financial and in-kind donations nearly raised for phase 1.  Our hope is to have these new fields playable in time for Opening Day 2018 (March 31).  
However, in order to complete phase 1 and to begin additional improvements we will need the support of individuals and organizations who believe in the mission of Midway Little League.  As a proud Midway Little League alumni and parent, I can testify firsthand of benefits of Little League for countless Central Texas players and families.
You can help us in two ways.  First, if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring or donating on any level, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please see the attached flyer that outlines naming opportunities and know that all donations are tax deductible.  Second, if you know of anyone or organization that might be interested, please do not hesitate to email or call me directly.  Thank you so much for your support of Midway Little League!


Michael Hillman
Capital Campaign Chairman 
Midway Little League
(254) 913-7780 Cell



Honoring Our Past and Securing Our Future Capital Campaign


Current Financial Donor List

Donor:                                    Amount:                                Sponsorship Request:

Friend of Midway Little League                       $75,000                                   None

Chip and Joanna Gaines                                $25,000                                   None

Granger Family                                               $10,000                                   None

Todd and Erin Ivy                                           $10,000                                   Granger Pavilion

FNBCT                                                            $5000                                      Scoreboard

Brazos Oral and Facial                                   $5000                                      Scoreboard

Jurgensen Pump                                            $5000                                      Scoreboard

Alliance Bank                                                  $5000                                      Scoreboard

Benjie and Kimberly Polnick                            $2500                                      Dugout

Friend of Midway Little League                       $2500                                      None

South Bosque Vet Clinic                                 $2000                                      Dugout

Pakis, Giotes, Page, and Burleson                 $2000                                      Dugout

Farmers Insurance-Alan Rhea                       $2000                                      Dugout

HOT Premier Tournaments                            $2000                                      Dugout

Central Texas Iron Works                              $1000                                      Batting Cage

Transtech Energy                                           $1000                                      Batting Cage

JRBT                                                               $1000                                      Batting Cage

Independent Bank                                           $1000                                      Batting Cage

JA Price                                                          $500                                        Wall of Honor

Patillo Brown and Hill                                       $250                                        Wall of Honor

Fitzgerald Landscaping                                  $250                                        Wall of Honor

Haley Olson                                                    $250                                        Wall of Honor

Blair and Jordan Browning                            $250                                        Wall of Honor

John and Kathy Hillman                                $250                                        Wall of Honor

DuPuy Oxygen                                               $250                                        Wall of Honor

Josh and Lisa Goldstrich                              $250                                        Wall of Honor

Marshall and Evie Hillman                            $250                                        Wall of Honor

Firmin Business Forms                                $250                                        Wall of Honor

Molly Maids of Waco                                     $250                                        Wall of Honor


Current Materials Platinum Donor List

Donor:                                                           Amount/Materials:               

Big Creek Construction/Miller Family             Field Surveys/schematics, misc.

BC Materials                                                   Concrete Material, misc. 

Bobcat Civil/Yocham Family                           Field dirtwork, concrete labor, Batting Circles

Visiting Angels                                                Scoreboards for Fields 4 and 5, Custom Backstop Pads for Fields (1-6), Dugout Benches for Field 5, Baseline Bleachers for Field 5